Nathan Lafayette Lipscomb &
Laura Lieuraney Crow Lipscomb


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Welcome to the newly revised and updated Lipscomb Family Reunion website.

This website has been created by family members for the express purpose of sharing information about the Nathan & Laura Crow Lipscomb family of Bartow County, Georgia. Family members are invited to share information which may be of interest to your branch of the family or to the extended family of descendants of Nathan & Laura Crow Lipscomb. Over the next few months, we will endeavor to share information not only about the yearly reunions, but also have a web-based family history, photos, and news. We hope this will be of interest to those who like to keep up with the family happenings via the Internet.

Please check out the latest online offerings and join in by sharing your information, family photos, birth announcements, stories, etc. so we can keep the website current and interesting.

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